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No. Description
D657,241 Package carrier handle
D622,400 Air sampler housing
D618,758 Fly swatter
D617,911 Stand for air samplers
8,613,369 Lid retainer for drinking bottle
8,596,594 Compression mount for window coverings
8,177,385 T-bar for suspending ceiling with heat dissipation system for LED lighting
8,147,000 Variable-pressure lumbar and back support cushion
8,082,808 Air sampling system
8,006,644 Fishbowl cleaning method and apparatus
7,861,764 System for suspending quilts and the like
7,819,166 Window covering with constant lifting cord friction
7,770,865 Hang level suspension system
7,562,689 Clip for window covering cord
7,549,615 Compression mount for window coverings
7,412,797 Free-standing flying insect trap with removable cartridge
7,389,961 Hose outlet support bracket
7,331,370 Progressive resistance lifting mechanism for a window covering
7,310,912 Rain gutter debris preclusion device
7,194,811 Cutting guide for a window shade
6,878,889 Garage door opener security device
6,865,817 Window shade with measurement guide
6,823,925 Retractable window shade with height adjustment control
6,659,155 Bidirectional swinging screen door and frame assembly
5,848,630 Tandem security garage door
5,765,721 Note pad single sheet dispenser
D542,707 Vase including a drain
D539,064 Hemi-circular window shade support base
D538,571 Quadra-circular window shade support base
D533,143 Remote switch with power cord
D527,069 Rocket shaped insect trap
D495,254 Multi-fold jewelry packaging
D468,951 Removable crib mattress cover with detachable top pad
D463,317 Twisting wind catcher
D451,428 Jewelry featuring a mustard seed and a cross
D432,936 Wind chime
D426,997 Rack for suspension of periodicals and other items
D417,288 Enhanced visibility window screen
D409,804 Adjustable length pet waste collection tool with removable handle
D407,790 Fly swatter
D390,644 Removable toilet seat cushion
D387,899 Fly strip
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