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What do the symbols TM, ® and © mean?

“TM” is common law trademark notice that can be placed adjacent registered and unregistered marks of the owner. It is best to make sure a new trademark is clear of conflict with other trademarks before adapting the trademark and using trademark notice. ® is used adjacent a trademark after it has been registered only. © […]

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Does Heisler & Associates assist with the marketing of their client’s inventions?

Heisler & Associates limits its professional services to providing the best legal protection possible for its client’s inventions. Often the biggest challenge to turning an invention into a profitable venture involves the successful marketing of the invention. It is up to our clients to plan separately for the marketing of their inventions. We do customize […]

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Can I use “patent pending” without having a patent application on file?

It is a violation of federal law to use the phrase “patent pending” or similar language improperly. Some forms of patent applications are very easy to file and can even be filed without the assistance of an attorney, or with limited attorney assistance so that you can be legitimately “patent pending” quickly, easily and inexpensively. […]

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Can I trust Mr. Heisler with my sensitive invention information?

The joke is that patent attorneys are boring at parties because they can never tell anyone what they’re working on. Mr. Heisler has decades of experience in handling sensitive client sensitive invention information and has developed a reputation for maintaining absolute confidentiality of client information. Secrecy is often most important before filing a patent application.

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Who will write my patent application?

Mr. Heisler personally writes over 90% of Heisler and Associates patent applications. In some instances, where the inventor has begun the patent application process or a particular technical expertise is required that Mr. Heisler does not have, assistance is obtained in writing at least portions of some patent applications. Ask Mr. Heisler about your particular […]

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Is an attorney required to obtain patent, trademark or copyright protection?

A patent application can be filed either by one of the inventors or by a registered patent attorney (or patent agent). While it is not required that the services of a patent attorney be utilized when filing a patent application, the patent application process is rather complex (akin to filing a complex tax return). To […]

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What is the difference between a patent, a trademark, a copyright and a trade secret?

Patents protect a new, useful and nonobvious machine, article of manufacture, composition of matter, process or improvement thereof. Registration of a patent is required to obtain patent protection for an invention. Design patents protect new ornamental features while utility patents protect functional features. Trademarks protect a name or design that is used to identify the […]

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